Horitzó Project: a commitment based on knowledge, care and enthusiasm...

At L’Horitzó School, educating means providing students with the necessary tools for tthem to be able to shape their future. Therefore, the educational philosopy of our School has always focused on the child’s benefit.

At our School, we respect and care for local socio-cultural heritage, maintaining an open view to news paths of knowledge in line with Human Rights.

The Horitzó Project originated in the mid-20th century with a commitment to helping our students develop the uniqueness in them.

  • image_bulb EDUCATING IN
    Assemblies to make proposals and allocate responsibilities, meetings, book of school life, sports and swimming, etc. are experiences that improve the individual’s health, wellbeing, emotional skills and the culture of being.
  • image_setup CREATIVITY AND
    Personal work agreements, assessment meetings, assignments on a freely chosen topic, theatre, chess, self-assessment, etc. all comprise valid experiences to rediscover the truth and help students use the creative processes they have learnt to develop their own projects.
  • image_develop education

    Philosophy, classical culture and Latin, history of humanity, art history, literary creation, cultural events, trips and conferences, etc. are paths that bring light and meaning to our existence, our culture and the Universe.

  • image_deliver EDUCATION
    From basic experiments to scientific theses, from robotics starting at the age of 5 to cross-disciplinary science, etc. because it is essential to develop the ability to think outside the box and use acquired knowledge in an original fashion.
  • image_deliver FOREIGN
    Songs in English from the age of 1, Drama & Europe from the age of 8, Europa in German from the age of 10, LDO (Learning Days Out) at the ages of 14 and15, CCE (Compulsory Cultural Events) from the age of 14, etc. with the aim of learning to communicate in these languages, an essential modern-day skill.
An educational project that stimulates the desire to learn...

From the age of three, children at L’Horitzó School learn through experience by observing, analysing and drawing conclusions from what they do.. Work that is presented to their classmates and becomes part of the academic syllabus and curriculum. This not only helps them to learn how to think, but to reason, communicate in public and have a critical spirit to achieve the freedom and wellbeing that human beings have always longed for.

Open spaces, properly monitored, lead to dynamic learning. With the guidance and support of skilled teachers, students learn to work together in a climate of freedom and responsibility, improve how they study in each area of knowledge, and develop their own creativity while nurturing a positive relationship for all based on mutual respect. The rooms of the School (all multifunctional) are equipped for students to develop different skills and learning: languages (English and German), music (singing, history, instruments, etc.), swimming (swimming pool), sports and gymnastics (gym), theatre (puppet room, stage...), robotics and IT, natural sciences (laboratories), general knowledge (projection room, library, workshops...), etc.

Our professional commitment focuses on this educational project, which follows an educational continuum from childhood to youth, a time when students can decide their own future and start to accomplish their goals.

L'Horitzó School stands as an example of educational innovation and best practice in education in the 21st century

An educational project in an environment that favours the growth of children and adolescents in every aspect of their life, in which families play an important role, and the strengths of each student are established as a starting point.

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Family-school relationship

Communication is paramount: the School and families can communicate whenever appropriate and necessary. How?

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Entry and exit arrangements for all students at our school.

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Algunes de les darreres notícies de l'escola, alumnes, mestres...

És recomanable poder realitzar com a mínim una entrevista informativa sobre el funcionament i filosofia de l´Escola per poder veure d’aquesta manera fins a quin punt existeix una sintonia, conscients que totalment no la podem tenir. És essencial que durant aquestes entrevistes personals els pares també puguin exposar i compartir els punts que consideren bàsics per a l’educació dels seus fills.

Aquesta entrevista es pot concertar qualsevol moment de l’any. És important, en la mesura que es pugui, que aquesta primera entrevista es copsi l’ambient d’ensenyament i d’aprenentatge, i es comprovi que les possibilitats humanes i tècniques de l’immoble, mobiliari i instrumental s’acorden amb allò que s’ha parlat i s’ha rebut per escrit. Per nosaltres és molt valuós que els futurs pares de l’Escola coneguin el lloc on els seus fills han de passar tantes hores i tan transcendents a la seva vida.

Per realitzar la matrícula pels curs és necessari concertar hora. Es pot triar l'opció que més convingui de les següents:

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